We are  highly delighted to welcome you to this Islamically, Morally and academically sound citadel of knowledge (Al Fareed Nursery and Primary School).The school was established to cater for the basic educational and Islamic needs of pupils through the actualization of our dear country objectives on primary school as stated below; 

(a)        Inculcate permanent literacy and numeracy, and ability to communicate effectively.

 (b)       Lay a sound basis for scientific and reflective thinking.

(c)        Promote patriotism, fairness, understanding and national unity.

 (d)      Instill social, moral norms and values in the child.

(e)        Develop in the child the ability to adapt to the child’s changing environment.

(f)       Provide opportunities for the child to develop life manipulative skills that will enable the child to function effectively in society within the limits of the child’s capacity (FRN, 2013: 21).

The above stated objectives have been achieved through series of awards won by the schools in competitions attended and the pupils’ excellent performance in Federal and State entrance examination into public and private schools.

Jazakumullahu Khayran 

Olaiya S.M and Mutiullah Daud