Our Mission And Vision

To become a leading Islamic school in the Nation (Insha Allah) which shall uphold the Quran and the Sunnah of the holy Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) in accordance with the understanding of the Salaf

To provide a balanced education at affordable costs without compromising the standard.

With the help of Allah (SWT), the Mission Statement of Al-Fareed  Schools, Ede is committed to the following principles:

Develop LOVE and REVERENCE for ALLAH and PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) exemplified by:
•    A solid Muslim identity that reflects pride in being a Muslim and a clear sense of mission
•    Understanding the teachings of Islam through Quran and Sunnah and their application in the daily life of a Muslim
•    Character, values and morals that are aligned with the teachings of Islam
•    Being a positive role model and ambassador for Islam by striving for excellence and promoting good character

•    Being a high achiever who meets and exceeds state educational standards leading to success at the higher institutions of his/her choice
•    Developing good study skills, being organized and efficient in his/her use of time
•    Being fluent in the English and Arabic languages
•    Becoming a self-directed learner
•    Having an introductory knowledge of other religions and cultures
•    Being skilled in his/her use of technology to meet his/her educational needs

•    Being distinguished in his/her manners, showing respect for himself and others according to Islamic teachings
•    Mastering communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as being effective listener
•    Being able to work successfully in groups, as both leader and participant
•    Acquiring leadership skills, being open-minded and prepared for future academic and social roles
•    Being aware of his social responsibility, becoming active in the school, civic and religious communities, and showing compassion and tolerance for others.

Have a sense of PHYSICAL WELL-BEING demonstrated by:
•    Maintaining personal hygiene according to Islamic standards
•    Participating in age-appropriate sports activities
•    Performing spiritual duties of prayers and fasting

•    Displaying morality in dress and behavior