This is our Principal



May Allah find you and your loved ones in good health and spirit. Welcome to Al-Fareed Group of Schools!

You will find that Al-Fareed College, Ede has a warm, caring, and committed staff at every level. We offer a wide array of programs and curriculum to individualize education for each child. We are committed to all children becoming good Muslims and graduating and pursuing their dreams.


The Prophet (S.A.W) said that if you keep company with a perfume seller, you will smell the beautiful fragrance of the perfume. The goal of Al-Fareed College, Ede is to facilitate an Islamic environment that is conducive to learning and high academic success. We would like our children to grow in Islam and then Islam will grow in them. Al-Fareed College, Ede provides a variety of programmes and services to ensure each student receives a superior education in academics and Islamic studies.


A few of our highlights include: Computer Labs, Sports, Enriched extracurricular activities: Quran competition, Quiz and Debating Competition, Symposium, Community involvement program and Scholastic Inter-School Competition, Exemplary performance on National and State Exams Excellence in academic and Islamic education is vital for the well-being of our community and global society.

Who is better than a believer as Allah proclaims in the Quran that believers are the best of the creation.

Thank you for your collaboration, communication, and cooperation. The success of a student depends on the student, the parent, and the educator. May Allah help us all in achieving our mission to raise righteous children. Ameen


Jazakumllahu Khayran.

Mr Nurain Zakariyah