Staff Welfare

The school management does not toy with the welfarism of the staffers in the school, our believe is to make them happy in order to get the best out of them.

Presently Al Fareed is rated as one of the best private school in Ede in term of staff welfarism. The following are our welfare packages for the staffers:


i)     Payment of Salary as at when due

ii)    An assistance for sick or injured teachers
iii)   Continuous payment of salary of teacher on sick bed or on maternity leave
iv)   25% school fees reduction for teachers’ biological children in our schools
v)    Loan to staffers
vi)   Purchase of electronics and other items for the staffers to be paid in installment
vii)  Sponsoring of  teachers for further  study that can enhance their effectiveness and efficiency within the system e.g post graduate diploma in education (PGDE)
viii) Allowing staff to further their education like BS.C, BA.ED, M.Sc and Ph.D without reducing their salary

ix) Annual in service training for teachers

x) Introduction of pension package for teachers

xi) Ramadan Package

xii) Marking allowance

xiii) Rewarding teachers based on the students’ performance in external examination(WAEC and NECO),  and others